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There are a number of issues to consider to ensure your web site is accessible to the widest audience.

Browser compatibility - as long as your site is designed to work properly in Microsoft IE4 (or higher) and Netscape 6 (or higher), which is not difficult, then <95% of users should be able to use it.

Device compatibility - Apple computer (Macs etc) are different to all other PCs. Less than 10% (and declining) of the world use them, but if you want to ensure Mac users see your site the way you expect, then ensure you view the finished version on a Mac as well as a PC.

Download speed - most domestic consumers and many business users are impatient, have slow speed dial up access, or both, so keep you pages short and you download time quick, otherwise they will never get seen.

Filters - avoid using words or content that might offend, or be unsuitable for children. If you do, then you could find yourself filtered out or blacklisted by family filters or company firewalls.

Disabled access- there is increasing legislation and community pressure to ensure that web sites allow access to partially sited people. For more information consult the RNIB. Some very simple steps can be taken, without any significant cost or design compromise by following the code of practice published by the World Wide Web Consortium.


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