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Accounting Software

If you are looking for small business accounting software, you should first consider using basic spreadsheet applications such as Excel, included in MS Office XP. You can replicate a manual book keeping system, quite quickly.

If you have an established business, and are comfortable that your accounting requirements are well understood, you can get reasonably priced packages that can automate some of your business processes.

Sage Instant Accounting - the market leader, and part of a whole series of scalable solutions, widely used and recommended by professional accountants

QuickBooksPro - a good competitor to Sage, with similar capabilities and functions.

If you plan for an online shop within your web operations, then with some programming effort, these accounting packages can be integrated with them. However it may be wise to keep the applications separate at first, until you have some experience of their use, the level of activity in the online shop, and identify the information you need to access or transfer.


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