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Banner advertising techniques

There are a number of ways of using banner advertising techniques and a number of different types of banners that can be used to promote your site. Whichever way you consider it, there will be some sort of cost, which you have to compare against the revenue coming in. As a general rule, do not have high expectations for sucess on this. Points to consider:

1) the big advertising networks such as Valueclick are best suited to large companies involved in mass awareness campaigns, so it would not be cost effective for small businesses

2) you can approach any website direct which might have traffic that would be useful. Be wary of high fixed charges or high charges per impression, as your click through rate could be very,very low. Target niche sites, regional sites, niches within the search portals or other internet portals that might have traffic that would be interested in your site. This is probably the most effective banner advertising option for small business sites.

3) free banner exchanges might suit some sites, but generally better for personal sites as your banners could end up being shown to completely the wrong audiences. In general they work by allowing (say) 3 of your banners to be shown somewhere, for every 4 that you display.You also may not wish to show indiscrimate advertising on your carefully crafted business site. If you want to check them out, try: Linkswap or UK Banners.

If you want to try some paid advertising, charges typically could be 1p per impression. If only 1% of people click through (not unlikely), then you are paying £1 per visitor - if only 10% of your visitors buy something or go on to do business then you carry a cost of £10 per sale - great if its cars - not so good if its postcards. See Conversion Rates.

Using Affiliate Programs can protect you from high costs of (pay per impression) banner advertising, and motivates the advertsing site to promote sales. Be aware that the traditional media (eg: newspapers' online subsidiaries) are not so keen on this, they like to be paid per advert.

If you are going to seek placement of your banners, then you should have a selection available. Sizes you should offer include 468x60pixels, 120x60pixels, 88x31 pixels and 125x125pixels. Keep the message simple and eyecatching. Look at Commission Junction for ideas on how other merchants do it.

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