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This tool allows your system to automatically reply to or send an email. This could be particularly useful if you wish to confirm that an order or other information has been received, as part of an automated process on your site.

You can get hosted reponse services to support your web site from Autoresponders.

It is worth pointing out that they are frequently misused, particulalry by large online operations that do not have a tradition of good customer service. They can be used to acknowledge receipt of an email and promise the customer that a solution or reply will be forthcoming. This is quite useless, particularly as it will still take the same amount of time to answer the question. If you have so many problems that you need autoresponders to queue the customers up, you need to address the issues at source and fix them.

If there is one area where a small business can distinguish itself from big business, it is in personal and flexible service. So if you have incoming customer mail, do not use autoresponders, just answer the questions promptly. If you want to make it more immediate than email then you could use this "live"service from HumanClick. But ensure you are there to answer the questions - otherwise it could be counterproductive.

If you contact us , you will get a personal response!

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