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The use of background images, pictures of you product or your staff can add to the interest of your site, and help communicate your message. This is particularly important if the product or service you are promoting is best seen before purchase: eg clothes, hotel room, tools, fur

Background ImagesA site that is all text, can be very dull, or the text has to be particularly gripping. However, as many users in business and at home, do not have high speed internet access - you must refrain from excessive use of images. If you have a lot ot images, you are well advised to have only 1 or 2 images per page or use reduced size images (thumbnails) to allow a user to selectively download individual pages each with a single image. Keep the image size under 30k to keep the download time short. The image of this Canon camera is only 6k. Trim images to cutout useless background, and optimise the image to be shown on a web page (as a .jpg or .gif file).

You can purchase stock images from the vast inventory at Orbis. You can also take your own and edit them, with a digital camera and associated software.

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