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On this page we have some brief book summaries and recommendations for small businesses that want to get online.

UK Business Internet Starter KitUK Business Internet Starter Kit

This is a suitable book, published by the Financial Times, for the small business wanting to get online. It starts at the most basic level, and assumes minimal knowledge of computers or internet use. As well as general background information, there are suggested links to useful online resources. Format is easy to read, and uses graphics and highlights to communicate key concepts.


Electronic Business ManualElectronic Business Manual

This book is published by the Daily Telegraph. Like the UK Business Internet Starter kit, it is aimed at the small business. It assumes basic user knowledge of computers and some experience of browsing the web. Takes a sanguine and pragmatic view of the internet as a business tool. It is more intensive and concise, and covers more technical detail. Has extensive suggested links to online resources, and makes a useful reference resource to follow up on ideas.


Web DesignWeb Design - In a nutshell

For the person that wishes to attempt their own web page design. This book is one of an excellent series of books published by O'Reilly in their "In a nutshell" series. It is a useful reference to accompany the new web page developer as they attempt to build a site. The format is very clear, and well organised, and uses plain English instead of awkward technical language. The good indexing means it is useful to dip into as problems are encountered during page design. It is not specific to a single web page design tool, so you will need other manuals to help you understand how the design software tools can be used.


Dreamweaver 4 ManualDreamweaver 4 Complete Reference

This is a manual for those who use Macromedia Dreamweaver tools (Ultradev, Dreamweaver, Fireworks) to build their website. Published by McGraw Hill. It is part tutorial and part reference. A weighty tome, but easy to read and detailed. Is more about the use of the software design tools than about good website design. Invaluable as a reference to help you get full benefit from Dreamweaver.


For other specialist books there is an extensive range of reviews on software books at Amazon . Clearly there are a few internet related topics that are not worth buying books about as the subject content changes so quickly (search engines in particular).

Some of the "how it happened" biographies of successful high profile dotcom, make interesting or inspirational reading, but have few detailed ideas that can be readily applied. Borrow, avoid buying.

If you have a requirement that you think is not well covered (here or elsewhere on this website), or have a book recommendation that you think might be particularly useful, then please contact us .


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