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Budget Planning

You have to plan a budget to build and operate your website. Some key points to consider:

1) even if you attempt to build your own site, you will have to purchase software, and have other expenses. More crucially you will have to budget the lengthy time it takes to develop a level of competence in programming

2) if you outsource the programming, you must still budget for internal costs (or time) in preparing the material and instructing the developers

3) you can work out some of the potential costs from the information on this website. The design costs can vary considerably from a few hundred pounds for a simple 10page site, to several thousand if you want a more complex site with online shop etc

4) banks will not lend money for these types of projects, as there is no tangible asset they can put a charge on. Plan that you or other investors will have to fund the development directly from your own resources

5) if you have a budget, do not spend all of it on the first development. You will find it difficult to predict the performance of your first web venture, so leave some(at least 50%) reserves to modify your website in the light of experience

We can help you compile an estimate to develop a web site for your small business, given a rough idea of what it is you are trying to achieve. For an informal discussion please contact us .

Now consider the method.

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