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Bulletin Boards

One of the most compelling features of the internet is the abillity of people to communicate, share ideas, question, debate, complain, boast or broadcast their views, with relative ease.

Bulletin boards can add this capability to a small business web site. They can then act as a draw for repeat visitors to your site, act as value added service to the users and act as a source of useful customer information for you.

They may not be applicable in all circumstances, but here are some examples:

1) if you market very specialist industrial equipment, you could set up a user group, so people can share experiences and ideas

2) if run a leisure resort, you can use the board to post visitor feedback about the area you serve

3) if you sell climbing gear, you can use a bulletin board for climbers to exchange information about new routes, set up activities or ask others about techniques

Clearly this has to be done with care: there may be bad feedback , your competitors may be lurking, or if its not kept busy an empty bulletin board can look a bit sad.

You can get hosted bulletin boards and other web tools from Bravenet. This will enable you to quickly get a bulletin board operational, without the need for expensive bespoke programming.

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