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Cloaking Software

This is a technique to hide the source code on web pages. There are two main reasons you might wish to do this.

1) to hide the code so your competitors cannot see it. If you are a typical small business it is unlikely you have much technical wizardry to to hide, that an internet expert could not figure out for themselves

2) more commonly, cloaking software is used to show one set of code to search engines, and one set to browsers. Thus you show text and meta data that you think the search engines will rank you highly on (which might be virtual gibberish) and show coherent text to the human visitors.

We would not advocate the use of cloaking software, as:

1) its a trick, and the search engines will keep on development to avoid these tricks

2) it makes page development even more complicated

3) you can, in most circumstances work out a compromise between use of good key terms in your tags and text, without loss of comprehension in the text.

4) the use of cloaking software may be associated with "adult" sites, scams etc.

Instead we would advocate the use of the various techniques we describe on the pages in Marketing Strategy and Promotion.

If you want to find out more in detail about cloaking , then look at SpiderHunter.


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