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The company information, the products descriptions, your marketing message are critical elements of your web site. Here are some tips:

1) keep it simple. Make it clear who you are, where you are and what you do. If you have something to sell, make it clear what it is , and how customers can buy it

2) many web critics require web sites to be compelling, amusing, entertaining etc. This is fine, but consider what it is you are trying to achieve - you may just want a customer to pick up the phone to call you

3) do not pad out your site to make it look big. This can be hard to maintain, can dilute your message, and reduce the quality

4) you could make use of material or company information that youi have already, and adapt it for the web. This might include: material data sheets, menus, product specifications or technical papers

5) you can outsource your content or use syndicated material, which might be appropriate. Check out Penpusher and iSyndicate.

6) avoid references to dates in your web site content unless you are prepared to update the site frequently to keep it looking fresh

7) divide the content into a sensible and clear structure, avoid long pages, and keep it snappy

In the end, be prepared to revise the content in the light of feedback from users.

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