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Assuming your teenage kids do not have the patience to teach you the finer points of the use of the web, html programming, or relational database theory, you may feel some computer training is useful.

Some financial contribution is available from the government with Individual Learning Accounts. You can use this towards approved training from public institutions such as Learn Direct, or from commercial training providers such as  ilearn.

If you have no skills in web design, you may find an introductory course useful, but you will have to plan to spend many hours surfing the web, and experimenting before you could come close to launching your own site. In that case there are web sites like Web Monkey that can help you. If your time is valuable, then you may find is more effective to hire a web designer.

Local enterprise bodies may have occasional seminars or short courses in the use of the web for business, which would be worthwhile.

Our organisation can deliver introductory courses in the niche "black art" of search engine promotion and emarketing. If this is of interest please contact us .


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