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Copyright Laws

No action has to be taken to establish copyright over a piece of original work. This is a general principle applicable worldwide. The copyright is owned by the creator unless he chooses to assign it to others.

However, it is rather more difficult to defend your copyright if someone chooses to copy your work.

There are some steps you can take:

1) add the expression Copyright or © to the work, to make it clear that you do not want it copied, and may take action against those that do

2) if you have particularly precious piece of work (eg: a company logo or image) then you can post it to yourself by registered post. This can act as evidence in legal proceedings, to help establish that you created the work before others.

A key point with web site design is that if you commission another organisation to develop the software, they have the copyright. You should ensure that they agree to assign you copyright or that they licence you to use it in perpetuity for no charge. If you do not do this, then there is a (small) chance that they could deny you use of it subsequently.

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