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Credit Card Processing Software

If you have an online shop, you will be looking for credit card processing software. Whilst it is possible to have a professional programmer set up your own bespoke system to do the work, the easier solution is to use a hosted service.

With this type of service, the customer is passed smoothly from your website onto a secure server at point of payment. The secure payment provider takes the details, runs some checks on the card, and confirms the order. You receive the order, and your bank the payment via the secure payment service. These services can integrate with your site, to different degrees, and they can offer other facilities such as multi currencies, direct debits etc.

There are two main ways of setting up this service.

1)You can apply to your own bank to have an Internet Trading Account. They may not agree to this, without prior satisfactory experience of your trading history. You use the secure payment service just to take the details and run the authorisations. A key advantage of this service is that you should get paid quickly. Check out Worldpay, SecureTrading or Secpay.

2)If you cannot get, or choose not to get an Internet Trading Account, you can (subject to basic financial checks) get an integrated service from a secure payment provider who will act as an intermediary with the bank. There is an additional cost for this, and payment to you takes longer (4weeks). Check out Worldpay or for US based websites: Clickbank.

Having set up the service, check carefully the responsibilities with regard to fraud (the merchant takes the risk here), and procedure for agreeing refunds or disputes (again the risk sits with the merchant).

We can integrate secure payment systems with your online shop, if you require further information, we would be pleased to discuss your requirements. Please contact us .


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