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To keep a site fresh and dynamic, it may be useful to have news and current events on your site.

This could be news specific to your business. In this case you are advised to have a separate section to which you can easily add new links to news articles. You should consider what news is relevant to your target audience, but could include: new product news, service updates, staff changes, financial results, company changes, expansion plans, new machinery installations etc.

Key points:

1) keep it up to date, news more than a month old and it looks like nothings happening.

2) assume your competitors read it

3) do not assume all your customers read it

4) make it relevant, concise and interesting

If you cannot maintain a regular supply of news, do not have a news or current events section. No news is better than old news.

In some cases it may be useful to have background newsfeeds on your web site. This can help give a dynamic and informed feel to the site. The drawbacks are that it could drive traffic off the site if the news is more interesting than your site - and as the feeds are automatic - the news may not always be what you would want to see on your site (i.e.: bad news). The centre for news feeds sorted by geography, industry or interest is at: Moreover.

Many specialist news sources will be able to provide news feeds by arrangement.

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