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As part of your website you may to wish to store, receive and deliver data for the users. This could include recording their contact details, receiving completed forms from them. You may also want to have some sort of interactive utility that produces results for the user based on inputs, and data you have stored: this could include taking reservations, producing estimates for work, timetables for specific activities or listings of useful information. Larger websites with regular information updates use databases to allow whole pages to be generated dynamically, and to simplify the update process.

Simple databases can be developed using Microsoft Access (part of MS Office XP) . But you will need to ensure the web host can run this on the web server. This is relatively simple to use, but is limited in scope, and is not suitable for large scale websites or highly complex databases. Should be fine for recording customer contact details, for a small business website.

For larger applications the cost rises considerably and you will require professional expertise to specify and deliver what you want. The two main choices are from Oracle or MS SQL Server. The cost can be reduced if you can share use of an application licence, check with your webhost.

We can integrate database systems with your website, if you require further information, we would be pleased to discuss your requirements, large or small. Please contact us .


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