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Domain Name Registration

You will want to have a name that is useful in identifying your business, industry or market. There is some advantage in having a name that matches a popular search term, but most of these have been taken - and you can overcome this in other ways in any case. You are best to choose a name that is appropriate, easy to remember, and fits with your business brand. Make it as short as you can.

Although this is a utility that only looks at global (.com etc) domain names, you can get some ideas on how you can create a new unique name by using this service from Namedroppers. It could as simple as adding a "the" on the front or an "s" on the end - we did.

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You need to consider whether to have a local domain name (such as or a global domain name (such as .com).

If you want to get international customers, be aware that the search engines in other countries (as well as UK) may filter out global or non local domains. You may also find that people filter you out if they think you are local to another country, or if you are too international.

In brief if you want international customers, get .com, if you want local get (or whatever country is appropriate). If you can, find a name where you can get both and point at the same website.

If you have a business with a name at the start of the alphabet, (or commencing with a number) this can deliver you advantage in some directory sites, including Yahoo. We do.

You can order domain names online. Do this in the name of the people who should own it (you or your company), avoid delegating it to an outside person - who could end up the owner of your online business name. Use one of these services: 123 or Metatank . Until you have your website operational, you can start to use the name for your email, as long as they can provide email forwarding - although there can be a limit on the number of addressees provided by these basic services. You can later transfer your website name to a webhost of your choice.

If you require further guidance on this subject, we would be pleased to help. Please contact us .


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