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It is not always possible or preferable to display all your web site content online.

If you have manuals, specifications or other lengthy documents that want to share with visitors to you site, you can offer them as downloads. This has the added advantage that there is a process of giving something "free," that appears generous and helpful.

You can do this simply by installing a document as a Word file (.doc) on your website server, and putting a link to it from a web page. If you wish to control the format of the document (for printing purposes) or prevent the document being edited, then it is recommended that you use Adobe Acrobat to prepare the document. This can be read by anyone using the free reader software from Adobe.

Large files can be compressed, reducing dowload time, using the software from Winzip.

If you have software as part of your range of products or services, you can offer them for download. This can be done in a manner as above, sent as an email attachment or sold through an online shop. If you have no online shop, or wish to avoid the technical grief you can offer them for download through a third party sales agent such as RegisterHouse.

We can integrate paid download systems into your website, as part of our integrated web site services. If this is of interest please contact us .


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