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Whoever you choose as your internet service provider (ISP), will provide you with an email address or several addresses.

If you want to have your own company identity in the email address you can have this quite cheaply by having a domain name registered. See Domain Names. These services often have free email addresses and forwarding included. You can normally set them up so email can be forwarded to the address given to you by your internet service provider. You can set up the email software (included in the office software you purchase) on your own PC so that messages you send with the forwarding address you want shown.

It is also useful if the email forwarding service or your ISP has a facility for you to access your email via the web, so you can look at your mail even when you are away from your own PC.

Be careful about publishing your email address. Any email address published on a website will get a certain amount of unsolicited mail, which is tedious. You may wish to have a public address and a private one. Clearly it is still important to carefully review mail sent to the published address, as there will be new customers in there!

Make use of the tools in your email software on your PC. You can use it to maintain customer contact details, auto sort of incoming mail, reminder of schedules, maintain distribution lists. Do not print them off, and do not get someone else to type your mails, you will end up technically illiterate.


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