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Internet Access

For a small business there are several options, determined largely by cost and location.

Many UK cities are served by one of the two main cable companies: NTL and from Telewest: , as well as BT . Check whether can connect to you by looking on their websites. If you are, then they can offer high speed internet access on a fibre optic cable at a reasonable price.

Outside the areas covered by NTL or , in general only BT may connect to you, or another supplier using BT lines.

This may be expensive or it could be a long wait, or both, depending on location. There are also pockets that are served by local suppliers.

Dial up access (via a normal phone line) is available anywhere via a whole range of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Claranet. Dial up access is only suitable for the small business with occasional internet use. Some suppliers (including BT ) offer dial up access for a flat rate per month, but this is really for the home user.


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