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You may wish to include some internet advertising on your small business web site. Some key points to consider:

1) the big internet advertising agencies are looking for large high traffic sites (i.e.: not a typical small business), so you are unlikely to be able to get anything other than untargeted adverts that pay per click through

2) the click through rate for this kind of advertising will probably be 1% or less, and pay around 10p per click.

3) it could reduce the impact and quality of your own site, particularly if the advertising is largely irrelevant.

For these reasons we suggest that you do not bother with general advertising. However for certain sites we suggest you might make use of affiliate programmes. This approach allows you to select discrete merchants to promote, or even discrete products. This can be reasonably effective at providing an additional revenue stream if complementary to your site.

For example: if you sell fishing tackle you could promote affiliate programmes that sell: guide books and maps (though Amazon), fishing magazines, hotel accomodation or outdoor clothing. You can find out more about such programmes at UK Affiliate Programmes.

You might also consider personally arranging more adhoc arrangements to advertise a business that is complementary to your own, e.g.: guest house could advertise a local taxi service.

The key point with any such adverts is that they should not divert you or your users from the primary purpose of your website.

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