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Internet banking can allow the small business access to account information online, and enable more real time management of cash, and bill payments. In some cases it can directly reduce your costs.

It is not clear however, that any of the banks have really come up with an innovative solution that delivers online banking as well as effective personal service when you need it. The direct banking services offered by some banks, do not really cover the full range of services you might need. When you really need to talk to "the manager" a anonymous face in a call centre may not deliver what you want. We would advocate using a "real" local branch, rather than a stripped down internet service. To compare what the banks have on offer, please take your pick:

HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest, Cooperative, LloydsTSB, Bank of Scotland or Barclays.

If there are experiences out there of particularly innovative and competitive banking services, we would be interested to share them more widely. Please contact us .


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