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You will need to take some precautions to keep your systems secure. If you have your web site hosted, then you should ensure that the equipment itself is secure, and that the company has taken steps to protect access to the systems. To an extent you can avoid some of the worries of internet security by using specialist secure payment providers if you need to handle sensitive financial information and specialist shop software that is designed to protect your commercial data. Seek advice from a professional programmer to ensure any databases you have are not accessible to unauthorised users.

Ensure your username and passwords are kept secret, and not obvious. "Password," "admin," birthdays, names, football teams etc are not smart. Passwords are better composed from odd combinations of letters and numbers e.g.: df5j3g92w, which reduces the chance that villains (or the software they use to generate likely words) can guess what they are. Use different passwords for different applications.

As well as protecting your web server, you will also need to protect your own PC.

Norton Internet SecurityMarket leaders in protecting PCs from various security threats are Norton. This package, called Norton Internet Security covers three areas. Firewall - to prevent unauthorised systems or persons hacking into your PC whilst you are connected to the internet. Antivirus inspects files and emails for known computer viruses that might cause harm to your systems - this can (needs) to be unpdated by using their online update service. The system can also allow you to control what information can be automatically be lifted off (or downloaded to) your PC when you are communicating with particular websites.

Only crazy people run computers without antivirus protection.They can wipe out your whole information system in seconds, and you would have to rely on your back ups to bring your business back together. You do back up your data dont you?

You may also wish to use encryption technology to protect your email communications. The latest technology uses very large prime numbers to generate impossibly complex code to encrypt communications. The beauty of the process is that you can freely publish a "public key" which people can use to encrypt messages they send to you, but only you can decrypt using your "private key" To send messages you ask for their "public key" and the decrypt using their "private key" . This can be used to send sensitive information between two parties, such as credit card information or commercial secrets. You can also use the technology to "sign" the documents you send which can then not be modified and be proven to have come from you. This can be useful in making important agreements with customers or suppliers by email. You can use th highly regarded PGPPersonalSecurity , which for a very modest price, delivers profoundly powerful security.

The other main area of business internet security software is in applications used for controlling (or spying on) what files or websites your employees look at on the web, or filtering emails for certain words. If you have the kind of work environment where you search your employees pockets, have high staff thefts, insist your employees clock off to use the toilet, have directors that always go on to join competitors or have Industrial Relations like a Dickens novel - then you need one of these systems. As an alternative you might wish to improve your staff relations, increase mutual trust, employ some real managers or change the way you do business.

If you require further guidance on the subject of internet security software as part of an integrated web site operation, we would be pleased to help. Please contact us .


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