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Language Translation

If you have a business that is looking to pick up foreign customers, then as well as appearing on regional search engines, you may need to translate your website. Given the predominance of US web sites, whilst the english speaking market is big - it is also fiercely competitive. If you site can be found and viewed in (say) German, French, Spanish and Japanese - you are still hitting large and wealthy markets, but there will be less competition.

There are 2 points to consider:

a) to get found in a foreign language you may have to translate your target keywords, file names, meta tags etc, and introductory text, and submit to regional search engines

b) to get the customer to purchase, make contact etc, you may also have to provide translations of the guts of your website

The best solution will be to get professional translation by native speakers. Try Arthur International.

You can easily offer a very simple translation service online. You can put a link into your site to guide your visitors to Babelfish (by Altavista). There, your visitors can paste in a section of text or a web page URL and get a translation. Its not perfect, but it may help.

If you can score well on Google, then users there can translate pages into other languages. Clearly you still rely on being found - which will depend on what language they search in.


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