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Legal Notices

If you have a web site you might wish to have a number of legal notices to stipulate terms of use of the site, (with relevant disclaimers) and a privacy policy.

In particular you may wish to stipulate that children or nationals of a particular country are not allowed to use the site. Some specialist sites (eg: gambling or financial services) may have content that is not legal to broadcast or be used in certain countries. Bigger sites that catch more attention can make use of specialist internet mapping software to filter out users from specific locations

If you provide advice (eg health or financial advice) you may wish to stipulate the terms under which this is given to avoid being seen to give bad or negligent advice. You may be subject to government regulation in any case.

You would be wise to consult a lawyer who is familiar with web related legal issues. You could base your terms on those used by other websites, but you should ensure that the terms are relevant to your particular situation.

Your privacy policy should be clear and be as generous to the users as possible to encourage confidence, with due regard to the Data Protection Act. You can also consult the Which Webtrader guide from the Consumers Association.

A lawyer might advise that you should make access to the site conditional on acceptance of your terms of use. This may be unpopular with users, at the very least you can display a link to the terms from each page. As we have done below.

In due course we will prepare some standard notices that will be available to download from here.


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