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Marketing Plan

Any business should have a marketing plan, it is central to the whole purpose. Putting part of that business on the internet does not change this, it merely adds new opportunity and a number of technical considerations.

There are plenty of marketing books that cover how to develop a marketing plan. We include a brief outline of the stages here:

1) Corporate objectives - what is it your business is trying to do?

2) Marketing audit - review your market environment, your current marketing activity, and the marketing system you use

3) SWOT analysis - evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Be ruthless and critical

4) Assumptions - identify the assumptions on which your marketing ideas are based

5) Marketing objectives - what are your trying to achieve, what products and what markets?

6) Marketing strategies - what are your main strategies? Consider form perspective of Product, Price, Promotion and Place

7) Estimate results - what will happen as a result of implementing your marekting plan

8) Identify Alternative Plans - what do you do if if doesnt work, or works better than you anticipated?

9) Programmes - assemble detailed programmes to peform the neccessary tasks to deliver on your marketing strategies

10) Measurement & Control - how will you measure performance, and control responses

If you would like to develop a web site, and want to discuss how you build on a marketing strategy to get the most for your small business, then please contact us .

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