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Customer Marketing Research

Before you launch a web site or any other venture, there are a number of marketing research techniques a small business can (should) use to find out about its customers.

1) Use the techniques suggested in Search Engine Ranking to see what people are searching for on the internet.

2) Commission a survey to ask people in your target audience (include existing and potential customers) what they want, how they use the web. You can do this yourself, you can use online survey collation services such as Web Surveyor, or commission online market research consultant such as Media Transfer.

3) Search and join suitable News Groups, that relate to your market or product. Observe what people are interested in, what their needs are, what they feel about particular topics.

4) You can get background information on internet use and general trends from Forrester.

Avoid trying to draw conclusions about customer needs and behaviour based solely on the appearance and activities of your competitors. Advertising in large quantities does not mean that people are buying in large quantities, it may mean quite the reverse.

Once you have a web presence than you should engage with your customers as widely as you can to adapt your offerings to their needs. You may wish to begin with a small web presence solely to invite customer feedback, before you launch a more comprehensive web site.

You can read more about customer marketing research in this book: Handbook of online Marketing Research.

If you would like to discuss a specific project, and how you could conduct your research before or as part of a web operation, please contact us .


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