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Marketing Strategies

The pages in this section examine how a business can apply marketing strategies to get the most out of an online web presence. This can apply to any business, from a sole trader to a multinational. However we aim at the small business, so we assume cash is limited and you do not have a global brand to lean on or maintain.

Before you commit expense to developing a business web site, you should review the pages in this section. Marketing includes the research into your market and environment, as well as the promotion of your services to customers.

Because of the competitive nature of web promotion, search engines and other online processes - the style of your site and its technical structure will profoundly influence your ability to promote it. It is therefore vital that you consider how you want to promote your site, and to whom, before you begin development of the site.

The information you obtain during the research phase will determine how you build and target your web site. Our approach is to combine simple marketing techniques and adapt them for use in the web environment.

As part of our offering to support small business getting online, we would be pleased to assist you develop your strategy, so you can then specify and develop an appropriate web site. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please contact us .


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