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If you want to maintain a list of the visitors to your site, to whom you can subsequently promote your products, you will need some sort of list or membership software.

Many people are reluctant to offer their email addresses and other contact information, to avoid being bombarded with junk mail. One way of overcoming this is to limit access to part of your site, so only "members" can get in. For the typical small business this is not that wise, as you really want to promote your business, not hide it.

An alternative way is to offer to value additional added services available if users they can give you their contact details. These might include: newsletter or downloadable products. You must also ensure you have a high quality site, and ensure you take account of the Data Protection requirements.

If you want to take the route of limiting your site to "members" only, a web developer will have to use a database to collect the information and put security measures into your site to allow access by password only. This additional complexity may be expensive to implement, and may not be effective.

As a first step we would recommend you use a service like the List Builder service from Microsoft's bCentral to give you a mechanism to collect contact information, and act as a circulation list for a newsletter.


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