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Once you have established your objectives, and thought about what you wish to spend - you can consider the method.

Three main methods:

1) develop the web site yourself. If you or others in your organisation have the skills, this could save you money. The downisde is that it is unlikely that your in house resources will have all those skills, and you may find the end result takes longer or is not what you wanted

2) outsource the development. You can then access expertise that specialises in web site development, and get a professional looking result. The downside is that the developers will not understand your business as well as you do. Frankly some developers may not understand any business. So whilst the end result might be visually appealing, will it achieve your business objectives?

3) hybird of both. We would recommend this approach. Have someone in your business to take responsibility for the web site project. This should not be an IT specialist, more someone with a thorough knowledge of your business and its markets. Have them work closely with a developer to jointly specify a web site, and work as a team to develop the technical features and the content that is included.

We would recommend that your first online venture should be simple, robust and not too ambitious. You will learn enough from the experience and from customer feedback to know how to improve performance in a subsequent development. So if you can, develop a pilot site first and move on from there.

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