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There are a number of (non government) organisations that can support, provide information or advise small businesses that want to go online.

British Chambers of Commerce - this website links to local chambers throughout the UK. Useful for small businesses to meet and help each other. Will have advisors or contacts that can provide information on local web developers, export administration and general business services

First Tuesday - an international organisation with many local branches, that seeks to put "new economy" entrepreneurs in touch with partners or investors. A good place to meet and exchange ideas with internet based businesses, and make contact with potential web developers and specialist contractors.

Internet Society - for the more technically minded, this is the leading association of the industry practioners. They have branches worldwide including England and Scotland.

Web Consortium - this is the organisation that supervises the technical development of the web, maintains design standards and conventions. It seeks to influence the evolution of the web for mutual and community benefit. Not applicable directly to small businesses, but it is a useful impartial source of knowledge on web design, strategic technical matters and future trends. Good web designers will take account of the standards proposed by the Web Consortium.

You can also join specialist (by interest, location, industry etc) news groups at Google Groups or Yahoo Groups.


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