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Public Relations

You will have noticed that a large amount of money is being spent on TV advertising and other means, to get people to visit their websites.

For the small business there is some benefit in offline promotion and public relations too, although you may wish to be more careful with your money.

The first thing you can easily do is to ensure that your website address and selected email addresses, are visible on your packaging, shopfront, vans, business cards etc. It should always be there. Ask people to visit your website, and make use of it; refer them to it for information, updates, product specifications. Get everybody in your organisation to do this.

DIY PRIf you want to get into the media then you might want to get some advice from those that know how. Having a good story at the right time is going to help! Read DIY PR, with its related website at PHPR, for tips on how to get the relevant media to cover your business.There are also some online PR sites that allow you to post news of your business to the world, (or at least make it available to those that look) and for a charge, target your announcement at suitable people. Review these: Internet News Bureau, Pressbox, PRWeb, Webwire. Any free listing here will also help your website get picked up by the search engines.

We would be pleased to receive your comments and experiences in how to get coverage and manage your PR . A few column inches for us wouldn't do any harm either. (Thank you).
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