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Reciprocal Links

You may have seen services (including search engines that are supposed to abhor this sort of thing) - promoting automatic submission to thousands of sites, directories and other search engines to get you thousands of links.

The apparent benefit being that the high link count will boost your ratings on the search engines, and also you will get endless crowds traffic coming to your web site. If you are an enthusiast for these tricks then here is the one that has the highest claims we have encountered: 80million.

The downside is that the well known search engines dislike, penalise or outwit these mass submission tools. The bulk of the sites with which these links are made, are "Free For All" link sites established for this purpose. The only human visitors that visit these link pages are other web masters doing the same as you. Even then, because these sites rotate the links, you would have to submit repeatedly, and every time get emails back offering "get rich quick schemes." Avoid them like the plague.

A more contructive way of building your link count and bringing in traffic is to approach web sites that have a fit with yours, and ask to establish reciprocal links. Clearly you have to be smart in this, as you dont want to lose all your traffic to others, if you dont get good traffic back. Look for sites that do not compete, but could share the same traffic. e.g.: a website for a small bridal shop might want to exchange links with a flower shop, a car hire company or a local hotel. If you find you have a lot of foreign traffic that you cannot supply, you might want to link with some overseas sites that could send you their foreign traffic. You will have to work the search engines to identify suitable sites to link with.

A more cunning approach is to check up on your competitors. See our section on competitor research.

Other websites could establish one way links - to encourage this behaviour, you need a good website with useful information. On that note, if you would like to link to this web site, please do.

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