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Registering Trademarks

The typical small business will not need to register a trademark, particularly if you have secured a company name that is effectively your brand identity.

The main reason that small businesses do not do this, is that is expensive, and there may be little value to others in copying it.

As your brand becomes more widely known or you anticipate it will be, then registering trademarks can become more useful. The registration process does not in itself stop others using your brand or logo, but it makes it easier to put people off or take legal action against them.

If you export overseas then you may find a local company has a stronger hold on your company name or international domain name because they have chosen to register it as a trademark.

In essence you have to ask how much your brand identity is worth to you and compare that against the costs of registration, and potential defence costs later.

If you want to register a trademark, most solicitors will be able to recommend a suitable specialist trademark and patent agent. Their costs may vary, but expect to pay £1000 .

You can attempt the process yourself. For the UK (and Europe) consult the UK Patent Office, or for the USA the US Patent Office.



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