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Search Engine Optimization

If you are relying on the search engines to deliver traffic to your website, you should consider search engine optimization before you design, develop or launch your website.

You will first need to have done your basic marketing research, and generated a list of target search terms, as explained in our section: Search Engine Ranking. Once you have gathered the target search terms that you hope to attract the right visitors, you must weave these in to your website design.

In particular the following will prevent search engines identifying your site (called spidering):

1) if your content is behind a password, or other access control, this content will be invisible to the search engines

2) if the content is generated dynamically onto pages uniquely created (as is common in some online shops or news sites) for each visitor, the search engines will not effectively index this content

3) the structure and layout of the site must be such that pages that can be found by the search engines make sense to a visitor in their own right, and give easy access to other parts of the website.

4)pages within frames are unlikely to be read by the search engines

To maximise your chances: focus your pages around simple concepts and unique relevant search terms, then include the term in: the page file name (e.g. search-engine-optimization.htm), the text, the headline page title, in the Alt tag for an image, and in the meta data (title, description and keywords). These coding terms are explained in web design books.

Link your site clearly between pages and avoid frames on important pages. The content of the page should match the search term,but avoid writing drivel, just to bring in search traffic, its pointless.

You can read more about the specific stages of optimizing search performance elsewhere in this website. If you want to study the subject in depth, join Search Engine Watch.

For an example of a site that appears to have mastered the art, go into Google and type in:"Ford Focus Manchester", or "Renault Espace Nottingham" etc. etc. - you will find the same website coming up each time. They have a very large site, but they have carefully interlinked and focused pages on likely search targets - so each page can be a front door to their showroom. Other similar sites use databases to generate the pages, so they cannot compete for useful search traffic.

If you require further guidance on this subject, we would be pleased to help. Please contact us .

If you want to buy a used car, contact Carsource, they look like they know what they are doing!


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