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Search Engine Ranking and Statistics

An important part of your promotion strategy will be achieving a high search engine ranking. This, and other promotional methods are covered in our section on Promotion.

Before you consider promoting to the engines, or even building your site, you should get an idea of whether people actually search for your products and services on the internet. You cannot assume that just because consumers or businesses spend a certain amount on goods, that searches on the web for those products will be in similar proportions.

You can find out what people search for by using this excellent service from Wordtracker. This service samples what people are searching for, and helps you to identify and quantify terms that you could use to be found by your target audience. It suggests alternatives, and attempts to offer a judgement on how successful you could be in competing against other pages to score highly on each of the engines.

A note of caution: you will have to apply a conversion factor to evaluate whether terms are useful. If you operate in a narrow field, then you may find the search frequency for specialist (eg scientific, chemical, latin etc) words that describe your product is small - but if one customer can spend a very high amount then its worthwhile.

Some items may have low search frequency, but that does not mean that the internet trading volumes are small. For example: people do not search for groceries - they go straight to and buy them. If your business falls into this category you will have to rely on other promotion efforts to bring people to your site - which may be expensive, if your market is not aware of you at present.

Once you have the information on target terms, you can use it as part of your overall assessment to evaluate whether your web business might be viable. You can then go onto focus on those targets you choose, and integrate them into your web site.

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