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Whilst you may wish to stick with favoured suppliers, portals or offline suppliers for most goods, you can use search engines to locate new goods and suppliers.

There is a list of the major search engines here. Of that list we would recommend using Google, as a simple and effective tool in most circumstances. It is particulalry effective in indexing document text, and thus can be used to pick out very precise terms.

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Whichever tool you use, some simple tips to improve purchasing search:

1) if possible input: model name, part numbers, trademarks or chemical formulae of items that you would like to buy, be as specific as you can be

2) seek out and follow detailed advice provided at each search engine, with regard to methods to refine search

3) try searching in other languages, and use language translation features at Google.

Use categorised directories at Yahoo to search for suppliers in particular market, industry or country (not so good at locating discrete products). Use Yell to locate businesses by category and town in the UK.

When you find a useful site, you can check it out using the tool from Alexa and identify other similar sites.


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