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If you want to run an online shop, then you will need a mechanism to display products, calculate prices, taxes and delivery charges, and an order mechanism to allow the customer to buy. In addition you will need the adminstration access to input information about the products, and receive information about orders and customers.

These are key considerations:

1) keep the cost down: you dont need bespoke software, get a robust solution "off the shelf" that you can use to get going. These can produce perfectly acceptable results.

2)some shop software (aimed at the larger stores) only generate pages dynamically for each product, as a customer picks it from a menu. If you want to be able to have search engines identify your individual products, then you want shop software that can run with static pages for each product or group of products. This is more time consuming to set up and maintain, but it might allow customers to find your product as they search for "widget xyz123."

3) dont get too ambitious, there is no end to clever inventory management systems, forecasting etc that could be in the software. But you might be will advised to start off with a basic system, and figure out what people buy, how they behave etc and be prepared to modify your shop or products with experience. Keep it simple.

4)ensure that the software can run on the hosting system you are using, and be clear about any long term licencing costs.

We recommend you look at Activeshop, or better still: Actinic. These can integrate with the popular secure payment systems. If you want a very simple solution which is already integrated with a payment system look at: Clickandbuild.

We can integrate these shop systems in your website, if you require further information, we would be pleased to discuss your requirements. Please contact us .


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