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Web Counters and Click Tracking

You will be able to use web traffic analysis software to determine where your users come from, which of your pages they visit etc. However these types of web counters do not track where your visitors go to, as they cannot track clicks through outgoing links.

If you have outgoing links on your site, as part of your service, you will wish to know how much traffic is visiting those other web sites. If these are affiliate links, you will normally get information from the advertiser. If you can track visitors going through other links, you might choose to modify your content (develop that area yourself) or seek reward from the site receiving your traffic. At the very least it will help illustrate what your visitors are interested in.

There are two ways you can do this:

a) use a database to record the clicks on particular links. A programmer could build this for you, and provide the instructions on how to code your outgoing links so they can be tracked. You can also use a hosted service from Prolinkz

b) a simple alternative method is to make use of your web traffic monitoring software capability to track visits your own pages. Instead of a link going direct to the outgoing site, you link to another "bridge" page of your own, which then immediatley redirects to the target destination. You can then count the visits to the bridge page as visits to the external target web site.

For example: to produce a bridge page that will immediately redirect to Yahoo you would make a blank page (with a file name connected to your hyperlink saying "Yahoo") and insert this line of html code:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content= "0;url=">

In the above code the "0" is the time in seconds to refresh the page, as


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