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A small business need not purchase a server or have a dedicated link to the internet to run its web site.

Instead it is much easier and much cheaper, to use commercial web hosting services that are available. In short (and in general) these operate from secure units, with multiple server installations and multiple connections to the internet. You can rent capacity on these installations.The cost is based partly on traffic, partly on the setup cost, and partly on any special software you need to run on your site. The main costs drivers are the latter two points.

Before you choose your web host, you should know if there is any special software you need to run you websites. If you are using a web designer you should ensure that the software you are using is not too unusual (which may limit where you can go). This can apply to the shop software or databases which can be expensive to licence. You may find some hosts that offer package deals on access to domain names, web traffic statistics, shop software, databases or secure payment services. If your web designers will also host your site, make sure the server is not in their garage - and ensure that you have all the information you need to move hosting to other providers if you wish to later.

Also ensure that you understand how to switch domain names, load up files, maintain your site, and review statistics. Here are some commercial web hosting services:

We can offer hosting services as part of our offering. In our case we purchase capacity from a large commercial provider, to allow us to offer an integrated design, host and support package to small businesses. If this if of interest please contact us .

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