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Web master tools

All the tools and features you need can be built into your site by a programmer, who will charge around £40 or $60 per hour. If you choose to have an entirely bespoke solution, this will cost a considerable amount.

However, many of the popular and useful features that you might wish to include are available off the shelf, as hosted services, as software you can run on your own server, or as scripts that can be integrated into your site.

Even if you do not wish to get involved in the technical details yourself, you may wish to look at the options, so you can get your web developer to make use of them, thus avoiding high costs.

Have a look at the web master tools listed on the left, they may not all be appropriate, but selective application can help your site become more interactive and useful to you and your users.

For a more general selection of code scripts you should also look at what is on offer at: Codelifter, Codebrain, Hotscripts and Scriptsearch.

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