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In this section we look at the main software requirements to enable a small business to go online. The information could enable an IT literate person to attempt their own development, and produce their own simple website.

For the individual in any business that is responsible for a web development project, we identify some of the issues and processes, to ensure you know enough to ask the right questions of the IT experts.

We would not recommend any business attempt to go develop their own web operation online unless there is certain background of IT knowledge. To this end we have also included information about office software, which you should be comfortable with, before going any further.

We have made specific software recommendations in each area, for alternative ideas and prices try looking at: SoftJam Software

Before you leap in, and start designing or commission some whiz programmer, we would urge you to read all the other sections on this website first. It is critical to understand what you want from the website, what your customers want, and how the website should be designed to achieve this, given the technology that is available and affordable.

Our business seeks to advise small business of the practical ways to exploit the internet, in a manner relevant to your market. If you are looking for more information or assistance, please contact us .



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