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Web page design

If you want to attempt to your own web page design, you need to be familar with office software. If you are, count on it taking at least 100 hours to get reasonably proficient with web page design software. This assumes you want a professional looking, sharp design.

The software options worth looking at are:

Macromedia SoftwareMacromedia Ultradev4 - Macromedia software is used by professionals to help design web pages. This package includes the web page design component: Dreamweaver, the graphics component: Fireworks, and Ultradev, for more advanced interconnection with databases. Use of Macromedia (or at least the Dreamweaver/Fireworks combination) is recommended.

Microsft FrontpageMS Frontpage - a cheaper alternative to Macromedia, but with much less capability, although easier to learn with. It suggests components and procedures that may not work with non Microsoft systems, where as Macromedia is more sensitive to compatibility issues.

Good package to start to get the feel of what is involved.

Dont expect to get useful manuals with either of these. Best to browse the software books section and read the user recommendations at Amazon or look at our book summaries.

If you do not want to develop your own website, then we can do it for you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, large or small.




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