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Web Project Management

Some key concepts apply in managing your web site.

1) the traditional business methods for deciding what is right, work as well for the internet, as they do for any other business activity. This includes cash flow considerations, risk analysis, return on investment, quality, customer service or hunches - there is no magic on the internet.

2) ensure your have someone in your organisation that is technically competent to question and evaluate options, and who can be the focus for the web project management

3) view the use of the internet as something which can be (should be) integral with your business, not just a bolt on addition

4) do not allow IT experts to have overall responsibility for the management , planning or operation of the web site. Web sites are for operations, customer service, selling and marketing - and should be managed as such

5) get started. The sooner you have a go, however small, the sooner you will appreciate the problems and the potential opportunities.

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