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Web traffic analysis

You will want to know about the visitors that visit your website. At the most basic level you can get free counters that register each "hit" and display this on the web page. Dont bother, they are not useful and say "amateur" to your visitors.

You can get inexpensive services that are hosted by others, where you simply need to insert some simple code into each page, and the counting service will supply various statistics on your visitors. This can include: time of visit, pages visited, which search engine they used, which link they came through, how often they visit, where they come from, which ISP they use, and a number of other measures.

This is invaluable information in assessing whether and how your website is being found, and how the visitors behave when they visit your site. This information should of course be viewed in context: theres no point taking a lot of hits or visitors, if that does not translate ultimately to pounds. So allow some time to elapse, counting your tens, thousands or millions of visitors, to see what revenue results - before you claim success.

You can find out more information and set up web traffic analysis by using services from Webtrends or Hitbox. We would favour the services that offer you online review of your statistics, rather then lengthy downloads.

As an alternative you may find that your web hosting company already has some analysis package included as part of the service. We offer this service to our clients as part of our turnkey design and host web solutions.

If you require further guidance on this subject, we would be pleased to help. Please contact us .


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